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Sunday Doubleheader: Softball (v Georgia) & Baseball (v Cal) Open Thread

The BLUE hot Bruin baseball and softball team are back in action this Sunday.

Once again it will be the baseball team who will start the day up North by trying to sweep the Bears at Evans Diamond. Gavin Brooks and co. get started at 1 pm PST. You can follow the boys online via the official site here.

Then the softball team will finish off this Sunday by trying to wrap up yet another world series appearance for our legendary program:


Photo Source: UCLA Softball's photostream (flickr)

The first pitch against a tough Georgia Bulldogs at Easton is scheduled for 4 pm PST. It will be broadcast LIVE on ESPN2. You call also follow the ladies online via our official site.

Once again thanks again to everyone who was tracking and watching the action to keep the Nation posted via the comment threads. Let's keep all that passion flowing here on BN.