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Quest For Bru-103: World Series (v Arizona) Open Thread

Everyone here should know by now. The 10 time NCAA champion and the 11 time national champions UCLA Bruins will be making their 23rd appearance in the college world series tonight.

The number 2 ranked Bruins (50-7) are taking on number 7 ranked two time defending champion Arizona Wildcats. The first pitch is scheduled for 6 pm PST.

Needless to say the passion bucket is going to be flowing all over Bruin Nation:

Photo Source: UCLA Softball's photostream (flickr)

CRN, CBH, RW, LMR and all of us are going to be rooting for some great athletes gunning for Bru-103.

The game is going to be broadcast live on ESPN. You can also follow the action online here. And oh the Lakers are also going to be on tonight at the same time looking to knock off the defending champions in their sport.

So it's a big night. Let's get it started.

Fire away.