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Friday Doubleheader: Baseball/Softball Open Thread

Let's start the good vibrations by mentioning that the men's golf team has already finished up the third round and will take a 3 stroke lead into tomorrow's final round. Someone fire up Alec Baldwin's Glengarry Glen Ross speech that Phil Jackson used to remind his players before Game 5 Thursday night that you must Always Be Closing.

We've got big time action coming up for our Bruins first in Baseball at 4 PM, where they will take on Virginia. After the must-win situations they've faced over the last couple of weeks, I don't think they'll be overlooking anyone, even if Cal State Fullerton looms large in their bracket.


Photo Credit: UCLA Athletics

After what is hopefully a Bruin victory, the Softball team will continue their march toward 103 against Arizona State at 6 PM (tentatively if last night was any indication). Our ladies will need to play their best ball, and come with passion, intensity, and unity to beat ASU tonight. This season, they have shown that they are up to the task.


Photo Credit: UCLA Softball Photostream

The wait is just about over. Let's get this started with an Open Thread.