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Quest For Bru-103: Golf/Softball/Baseball Open Thread

Once again a huge Saturday of action in Bruin Nation.

You can start the day by tracking the men's golf team's quest for Bru-103 out at Kampen Course in West Lafayette, Indiana (Purdue University for those who are wondering). Apparently you can watch the action via a link in the official site here. You can also track the scores online here.

Then all of our eyes shift a little down South to Oklahoma City where the softball team is going to try to bounce back from last night's loss against the winner of Florida v. Virgina Tech game this evening sometime around 4 pm PST:


Photo Credit: UCLA Softball (flickr)

Again the game according to ESPN will be on sometime around 4 pm PST and will be broadcast live on the mothership. I am sure you can also track it via the official site here.

Then the night will end with the baseball team taking on the Titans on their home turf (behind the Orange Curtain) starting at 8 pm PST. That game will be broadcast live on ESPNU . As always you can follow the action live here.

So there you go. You know what to do.

I do have one note to get off my chest before I sign off in this post ...


And now ...

Swing away.