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Celebrating Our Bruinness

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Freesia39 diaried up the upcoming event featuring Vin Scully and Coach Wooden at NOKIA theater on June 13 in the diaries. That gives me the excuse to let you know about couple of more events that you may want to mark down on the calendar.

The UCLA Alumni association is putting together a "UCLA Day" on campus on May 17th. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up. You can do so by going here. The best part of the website is the section called "myMoments" which features memories like this one from Jeff Torres (Class of 90):

My Big UCLA Moment came shortly upon arrival on campus. I had been dropped off by my parents at Hedrick Hall to start my college career complete with new UCLA t-shirt purchased by parents during our earlier walk around campus. I was sitting alone in my dorm room with no clue what to do next.

Something told me to stand up and leave my room and so I walked to the doorway to look around the dorm with arrivals popping in and out of the rooms down the hall. And there walking down the hall was the most perfect girl I had ever seen flanked by two stern looking older women. Most people dismiss love at first sight but I was certain that this was the girl of my dreams (found on sight on my first day at UCLA?).

We met later and became the best of friends and shared many pressure packed academic moments as we progressed through our UCLA life. We enjoyed Mardi Gras, UCLA events like Jimmy Stuart and Princesses Fergi making a visit. We went through finals and trying family and college moments together. I got involved in fraternity and politics and she in journalism. Stephanie Coles became a Managing Editor (and now mother of our son) and I became a lawyer and for the 6 years as friends and 15 years married we have enjoyed many wonderful moments since our first big UCLA moment back in the fall of 1987. UCLA gave us a first rate education and many amazing opportunities but most importantly, it gave us each other.
Well I can certainly related to that. I met Mrs. N in our first week on Campus back in 1991. For more "Big UCLA Moments" go here. Again tomorrow is the last day to sign up for this event.

If you want can't make it to campus for UCLA day, you can head out to the Wooden Center on June 7, for "2008 True Blue Celebration":
Join us for a day of the ultimate Bruin camaraderie! This event will host 1,000 Bruins ranging from our championship coaches, student-athletes, Bruin athlete alumni like Troy Aikman and Michael Warren, Kenny Washington, Rafer Johnson, as well as the very best of our Bruin Fans. This event is being held to raise money for all programs within UCLA Athletics.

This unique event will offer over 500 silent auction items divided into four zones - Everything Bruin, Food & Wine, Arts & Entertainment, and Travel & Leisure. During the silent auction, our favorite wineries will provide wine tasting to all guests. We will also be serving appetizers. The silent auction will be followed by a Taste of UCLA (buffet dinner) and an exciting and extensive Live Auction hosted by a prominent member of the UCLA Alumni family. We want our third True Blue Celebration to be as memorable as our first. Help create a great collegiate tradition!
Sounds like fun. If anyone of you are planning to attend these events, as always the rest of us who don't live in the Golden State, we love posts and pictures.

On that note I will see you sometime tomorrow. As far as we know the new site gets launched tomorrow. Again you can get the full details here.