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Roundup From BN Walk: News & Notes

We will start our walk with a look at Chad Ford’s mock draft (version 4.0) on WWL. Ford is projecting KL to go at number 5 slot to the Grizzlies:

[T]he strong feeling I got from talking to sources close to the situation in Memphis is that Love is the favorite. His toughness, rebounding and ability to score in the paint are unquestioned -- and he would fit some major needs for the Grizzlies. There are still questions about his athleticism, but he's got talent.

 And he has RW at number 11 to the Pacers:

The Pacers have been eyeing D.J. Augustin and Russell Westbrook for a while.

Augustin has already come in for a workout, and Westbrook will be visiting soon. If the Pacers were forced to choose between the two, I actually think they'd probably lean toward Westbrook, who has more upside. His athleticism, defense and ability to penetrate would all be welcome in Indiana. If he were ever to get a rock-solid jump shot, he'd have a chance to be a star.

FWIW Ford has Knicks taking Anthony Randolph from LSU at number 6. I mention the Knicks because we have heard chatter of RW having impressive workouts with the Kicks, which Ford himself refer to in the Knicks capsule. So that could be something worth keeping an eye on.

While we are talking about lists and hoops, our BruinsRule shredded the Daily Bruin’s bottom-10 moments in yesterday’s comment section:

[T]he “bottom’” 10 list is absolutely wrong. Let’s see, our men’s basketball team went 35-4, setting a UCLA record for wins in a season, tying the NCAA record for most consecutive 30-win seasons, and becoming the 3rd team since JR Wooden retired to reach 3 consecutive Final 4s. That same team, according to the sports staff at our student newspaper, had 3 of the 10 worst moments of the school year. That is a ridiculously negative statement. This is not 2003. If they must include one “disappointment” from the basketball season, it would be the Memphis game. However, in light of the achievements of the men’s basketball team, that “disappointment” would rank down on the list below at least a few other disappointments, such as:

-Football loses to winless Notre Dame at home (the biggest single-game disappointment in years in any sport)
-Football loses on the road to then-winless Utah, 44-6.
-Baseball falls from preseason #1 to barely make the NCAA tournament, then with 2 chances to eliminate Fullerton, loses twice in two days.
-Softball puts together a 20-inning scoreless streak in Oklahoma City
-Football fails to place anyone on offense or defense first-team All Pac-10 honors.

To name a few.

If hoops deserves 30% of the 10 biggest disappointments, how many does football, which managed to lose more games in 1/3 as many tries, deserve?

Good question.

BruinsRule referred to softball team in his list. The Daily News today has a report on Bruin legend Sue Enqvist getting inducted into International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame:

Former UCLA softball coach Sue Enquist and Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller are the newest members of the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.

They were inducted along with former Japanese golfer Hisako Higuchi and Algerian track star Hassiba Boulmerka on Monday night at the grand opening of the Billie Jean King Women's Sports Center in the new Sports Museum of America.

"I think it's outstanding that Billie Jean King and her many colleagues put together a vision that will document and celebrate all facets of being a female athlete," Enquist said. "It will be a place that will affect you, not an event that will last an hour."

I bring up Enqvist’s name in this roundup for a specific reason. I think Achilles’s thoughts on replacing legendary coaches is very poignant given some of our recent discussion on the softball program. That’s something that’s worth keep discussing about as I imagine DG will have some decisions to make in the coming years when legendary coaches leading programs such as our volleyball teams might make a decision to move on.

Don't forget the Lakers are back in town. See you in open thread tonight for tonight's do or die Game 3. Tip off scheduled for 6 pm PST.