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Bruins Nation: 3 and 3,000,000

They say that things in life often come in 3's.

Today, Bruins Nation hit a pretty big 3, with another one just around the corner.

Earlier today, Bruins Nation logged its 3,000,000th unique visit (with over 8 million page views).

And, next week, on June 16, Bruins Nation turns 3 years old, which is the blog-years equivalent of 33, or maybe 333.  (Though, old as BN may be, you'll see that we were talking about Rick Neuheisel on Day One.)


Now, I don't mention this to toot our own horn.  I'm merely an interloper who joined Nestor, Odysseus, Ajax and the rest of the gang mid-stream.

I mention it to recognize how vibrant this community has become, in large part because of your contributions.  Bruins Nation is you, and we all together are thriving.

For many months, and particularly with the migration to BN 2.0, we've witnessed remarkable contributions by so many of you.  So, consider this a big hat tip by us mods to Rye, bruinbabe, 66, godblesstyus95, tasser, Fox, bruinhoo, BruinBlue, BruinsRule, isodore, rfirpo, jlegs, uclafan11, bluestreet, Daynuh (just to name a few), and all the new regulars  who have contributed so much to this place.

As we've said time and again, we do with just for fun, out of our love and devotion to all things blue and gold.  And BN would only be a shadow of its present self without great comments, FanPosts, etc. from you guys/gals.

So, enjoy a beverage (or 3) on us today, and let's get back to UCLA.