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We Love (UC)LA: Lakers Open Thread (Game 3 v. Celtics)

Here we go.

It's do or die time for Trevor Ariza and the LA Lakers:


Photo source: Sunriserjay's Photostream (flickr)

Ariza and co. will need to bring "it." That means they can't let the Cs dominate around the boards or get sloppy at both ends of the court. They will need to be aggressive yet at the same time stay poised and focused without worrying about shenanigans (such as questionable officiating to put it nicely) out of their control.

Tip off is scheduled for 6 pm PST. You can follow the game online here. And if you don't know it by now the game is being broadcast live on ABC .

So here we go ... LET'S GO.

Thread it up in yet another NBA Championship open game thread.

GO LAKERS and of course GO BRUINS.