Hating on Neuheisel

Just the other day, bluestreet pointed out one example of the Lame Pettiness of Neuheisel Haters

In that case, we saw how Seattle Times writers with an ax to grind against Neuheisel jumped at the opportunity to take a joke at an alumni auction out of context.

Well, those guys aren't alone.  Now, our friends at SMQ are taking their turn:

The New Guy(s): Rick Neuheisel has a long way to go to escape the long shadow of charlatanism: he left Colorado with more than 50 rules violations and two years’ probation in 1998, was investigated for illegal recruiting visits, reprimanded by the board of the American Football Coaches’ Association and compared to Al Capone in Slate (the NCAA got him, but only for a technicality – gambling on basketball. like Capone got nailed for tax evasion – instead of the meat of his transgressions).

This kind of jab isn't unexpected, at least from the Bill Plaschke's of the world (I can just see the Capone reference in one of his patented single sentence paragraphs). 

But, it's not what one would expect from SMQ.  You see, despite apparently OMG holdingz a grudge, SMQ is a pretty thoughtful guy, known for in-depth analysis and doing his homework.

So why would SMQ be so cavalier with the facts about Neuheisel?  Surely, before branding Neuheisel a "charlatan," he'd cite to more than a couple five year old articles that tell only part of the story.  Surely, SMQ's above-average Google skills gave light to the many, many articles which show the other side of the equation.

Funny thing, though.  The points in those articles weren't mentioned.  Maybe SMQ didn't have the time. 

Or, maybe, he's trying to advance the easy narrative and stir the pot like any other non-affiliated "pundit" we'd expect to see on the WWL.  Who knows?


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