Jordan Farmar in NBA Finals Game 5

Jordan Farmar has a great night, shooting 5 for 9 and playing a reserve high 22 minutes in another grind out Lakers win. It's do or die - win or go home for the Lakers and Farmar is well acquainted with that. Nice to see former Bruins in the NBA Finals. 
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Anyone notice Glen Davis (aka "Big Baby" ) collecting splinters on the pine for Boston? My lasting memory of him is seeing him sucking air trying to get back on defense as LSU was creamed by the Bruins in the 2006 Final Four. Ah, but I digress . . .

Not one to heap on praise, Phil Jackson does explain why Farmar was inserted in the unusual two-guard lineup with Fisher.
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Let's hope the Lakers can channel some Tiger Woods-like mojo for the next two games!

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