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We Love (UC)LA: Lakers Open Thread (Game 6 v. Celtics)

So is this it?

Will the Lakers play their best game of the series and keep hope alive for one more night?

Well, a good place to start will be for Walton (BTW great story in the Daily News on Father’s Day reporting how the Big Red is rooting for the Lakers), Turiaf, Odom, Gasol et al to show toughness inside and play defense like our Bruins:

Photo Source: Eric Kilby’s photostream (flickr)

Let’s hope we get to do this game thread for one more night. The tip off is set for 6:00 pm PST. If you are on blackberry, iphone etc, you can follow the score here or, hopefully, the rest of the BNers hanging out in the game thread will keep you updated by posting scores.

So on that note … fire away.