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Face Of The Program?

About a month ago we alerted you to a survey on WWL which asked UCLA fans who we think is the face of our football program. So we put up our own poll now featured again on our front page.

My suggestion was some guy who holds the all time UCLA record for passing and total offense, orchestrated a 20 game winning streak and went 4-0 against Troy. For a while it was too close to call until it shifted a bit in favor or CRN.

Well now WWL has come out with their pick:


Photo Credit: maveric2003 (flickr)

Yeah, according to them the Rose Bowl is the face of UCLA football. Their reasons:

How many teams' home stadiums are national historic landmarks? How many teams get to play in the No. 1 stadium in college sports (according to Sports Illustrated)? The Rose Bowl game has been played here since 1923, but it's also been UCLA's home since 1982 after the Bruins abandoned the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, their home since 1928. Best of all: Five times the Bruins have played a home game in January -- representing the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl. -- Ted Miller

FWIW I believe Miller is a Husky beat reporter from Seattle, who covers the Pac-10 for ESPN.

Not sure how I feel about that. Seems like ESPN totally missed the boat at least according to the poll here on BN. Thoughts?