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UCLA In His (the Standard's) Head ...

bruin8uclap has a FanPost up with some revealing comments from Lute Olson about one of his former recruit. On the frontpage we don't pay much attention to Arizona any more like we used to in the early days of BN. I guess we decided it is hard to keep up with "the Standard" of Pac-10 basketball.

Yet, I couldn't resist linking this "Q&A with Lute Olson" which had the following grafs in Lute's "own words":

On when he became concerned about the team:

"When I saw the UCLA game at UCLA," Olson said, referring to an 82-60 loss in Los Angeles on Feb. 2.

"It just looked to me like the spirit was gone. . . . When they're kids that you have recruited and you know them as I know them, you can read them like a book. I just didn't like the book I was reading. . . .

"There have been games - thank goodness, not many - that we lost like that in my 25 years here, but I don't think there was ever a game where I felt the kids had thrown the towel in.

"It wasn't just the style (of play). It just looked to me like the kids had really tossed in the towel. That was hard to watch."

Just a refresher for poor Lute.

What happened this year at Pauley:

Photo Credit:Richard Hartog/LA Times

Was not any different from what happened the year before (with Lute in charge):

Photo Credit: Daven Hill

Either way we are happy to have Lute back in Arizona.

I am sure it will be fun for the Bruin Den and rest of Pauley to enjoy another standard Ben Ball beatdown performance.