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The Wall Street In Love

So Achilles posted yesterday how Kevin Love in NYC is getting ready for his big night.

He made an appearance at the NYSE along with Joe Alexander (West Virginia) and Anthony Randolph (LSU). The WSJ has a report:



I have to say I have been immensely enjoying the exposure KL and RW have been getting in recent weeks. Not only are their draft stocks soaring through the roof, they are also polishing up the unmatched brand of UCLA basketball in the way they have represented our program.

I am sure Howland is beaming with pride and recruits around the country are taking notice. In fact J'Mison Morgan specifically noted the exposure a Ben Ball warrior can get at UCLA:

"It's where I feel the most comfortable. I like the program and the exposure I will have out there," Morgan said.

And then we heard from Mr. Lane about how UCLA's "success" had a factor in Lane's decision to go with Bruins over his local Pac-10 program:

"(Howland) was hands on and I think a lot of it (Lane choosing the Bruins) had to do with UCLA’s success and Brendan having a chance to be successful," Taylor said. "He is used to winning. He felt very comfortable making the decision."

All the national exposure Love and Westbrook have been receiving in recent days/weeks will only boost the current profile of UCLA basketball. Kids like Brendan and J'Mison are certainly taking note the kind of attention Love and Westbrook have been getting feeding off their on court success in Coach Howland's program.

Now if LRMAM can somehow get himself in the first two rounds tomorrow night, it will complete a great night not only for those Ben Ball warriors but for our entire program.