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FBI, IRS & AUSA Launches Joint Investigation Into OJ2 Scandal

Over the weekend we heard about the California AG launching their investigation into the OJ scandal.

Now comes the entire kitchen sink: FBI, IRS & the US Attorney's offices launches investigation into the OJ2 mess:

Special agents for the FBI and IRS and members of U.S. Attorney's office have launched a joint investigation into "possible income tax evasion and fraud arising from the misuse of charitable organization funds," according to an attorney retained by Louis Johnson, a member of former USC guard O.J. Mayo's inner circle until three months ago.

Anthony Salerno, Johnson's Los Angeles-based attorney, said the scope of the various agencies' investigation is still unclear.

Johnson retained Salerno shortly after "Outside the Lines" reported on May 11 that Mayo -- a projected lottery pick in the June 26 NBA draft -- received thousands of dollars in cash, clothing and other benefits while he was playing in high school and for USC this past season, possibly in violation of NCAA rules.

The NCAA, Pac-10 and the National Basketball Players Association are investigating the allegations made by Johnson.

When asked who the agencies intended to interview for their investigation, Salerno said "the parties previously identified by ESPN in its reporting and also additional parties that haven't been disclosed, but I don't feel comfortable revealing [their names] at the moment out of respect for the confidentiality of the investigation."

Said Lourdes Arocho, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles FBI field office: "We don't confirm or deny investigations." Spokespersons for the IRS and the U.S. Attorney's office for the Central District of California also declined to comment.

Salerno would not comment as to when a meeting between his client and the various agencies will take place. When reached by telephone and asked about the investigation, Johnson declined to comment.

"I would expect the authorities to investigate the matter very thoroughly," Salerno said, "including issuing subpoenas for testimony and documents."

Grab the popcorn.