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The Next Cade?

Everyone here should know about Richard Brehaut, the blue chip QB from Los Osos HS, who (instantly) committed (on the spot) to Rick Neuheisal little more than a week ago. CRN decided to offer Richard after evaluating him at QB guru Steve Clarkson’s camp. Here is a little footage of what led CRN to extend that offer to Richard:



I would never suggest we set our expectations wrt to incoming recruits based on select clips. But gotta say I loved his ability to get out of pocket. Richard mentioned he uses his mobility to "get out of trouble." The last Bruin QB who did it effectively (getting out of the pocket at the right time to elude trouble) was none other than number 18. If Richard can get bring some of number 18’s swagger, while taking advantage of Chow’s system to optimize his physical skills, it is going to be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see the kid in blue and gold.