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Jordan Has Some Laker Tix For Us: Just Enter His Raffle & Help UCLA

Jordan must have been reading our minds re. getting excited about former Bruins playing for the Lakers.

Talk about timing, here is your chance to score two lower level center court tickets to game 4 Lakers/Celtics.

All you have to do is the win the raffle contest courtesy of our own Jordan Farmar. And if you enter this contest, not only you get a chance to go to the Laker game, you get to support the Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA. From Celebrities For Charity :

Help the Jordan Farmar Foundation at The Giving Back Fund with its efforts to support the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, the Special Olympics, and the Metropolitan YMCA and, in return, you could be enjoying premier seats at an NBA Championship Game and the Ultimate Lakers' Fan Experience. Tickets start at just $2.00 each and decrease for orders of more than 5 tickets. The Jordan Farmar Foundation is utilizing the CFC Foundation and its patent pending concepts and technologies to conduct this raffle and tickets are only available online at this web site. Enter online today and rest assured that CFC never stores your credit card information and utilizes secure routers and IBM Servers, professionally managed, to ensure that your information is secure and that your order is accurately processed with the utmost efficiency.

In addition to this, you should also rest assured that CFC values your generosity and that its patent pending concepts and technologies are designed to deliver the utmost efficiency and unprecedented results. Direct Expenses amount to approximately 7.5% of Adjusted Gross Revenue and decrease to approximately 3.5% of Adjusted Gross Revenue as more tickets, per order, are purchased. These expenses yield a return to charity of approximately 92.5% of Adjusted Gross Revenue, which increases to approximately 96% of Adjusted Gross Revenue as more tickets, per order, are purchased. These proceeds will benefit the Jordan Farmar Foundation, The Giving Back Fund, and the many other charities supported by the Celebrities For Charity Foundation.

You can order your tickets here. The deadline to enter the raffle is June 10m 2008.

And here is another reminder on what the former Ben Ball warrior has been up to downtown:

Soon it will be RW, DC and other future Ben Ball warriors showing off the same skills at an NBA arena near you. After all it’s UCLA where amazing begins.