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We Love (UC)LA: Lakers Open Thread (Game 1 v. Boston)

We have talked about it all week. Now it's go time.

Here is to Jordan and his team mates bringing another championship in LA.


Photo sources: interbasket & nw122105 (flick)

The game is being broadcast on ABC starting at 6:00 pm PST. You can track all the actio via WWL here .

I will reiterate what I wrote this am. This thread is open to not just the Laker fans on BN but every member of this community. If you are watching the game tonight and want to comment, cheer, vent, whatever with fellow Bruins, as always this will be your online bar.

The best part of watching this game (at least for me) is that I am not going to experience the same anxiety and stress when I watch a UCLA basketball game. I am just going to enjoy the action and hope the Lakers can bring it home.

Anyway, enough from me. You know what to do. Thread away.