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Westbrook Keeping It In (The Bruin) Family

In case anyone here missed it, there was a piece of information in Dohn’s report re. Westbrook’s signing with an agent, I found pretty interesting:

Westbrook, who was a sophomore guard last season, said he will be represented by the Wasserman Media Group, founded a decade ago by UCLA graduate Casey Wasserman.

Does the name Casey Wasserman ring a bell for any of you here? It should. Casey, a UCLA graduate (who BTW is owner and CEO of the LA Avengers ), is good Bruin. We have posted this before, but it never gets old. Here is, once again, a little flash back from 2003:

According to the Los Angeles Times, Casey Wasserman, the grandson of deceased movie studio founder Lew Wasserman, provided a private plane to take Howland from Pittsburgh to California.

Yeap, I will never forget reading about that specific detail while following the epic hiring search process in 2003.  Also per a Fox Sports report we blogged about last December (during the long football coaching search), Casey is “a huge benefactor toward the Bruins' current massive remodeling of Pauley Pavilion.”

In other words, I think it is great to see RW signing with a former Bruin. It is always nice to see the Bruin family getting stronger by closely working with each other.