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About That "Dumbing Down Expectations To Protect CRN" Theory ...

norcald503 is already on this. Achilles also frontpaged the key quote. I also want to  join in by adding a little more with a quick reset on the whole topic of expectations, to kick off our weekend.

So first it was who channeled BN’s dose of reality.

Then it was Pat Forde from WWL who came out and opined that UCLA “won’t go bowling in ‘08” with “only nine starters back and a nonconference schedule of Tennessee, BYU and Fresno State” agreeing with the arguments we have been making on BN.

Then Paul Myerberg from the Old Gray Lady channeled BN at the Quad laying out why he was “not going to go crazy” about our football team predicting a 6-6 or 7-5 season to start the Neuheisel era in Westwood.

And now Ted Miller, the official Pac-10 blogger for WWL has come out predicting an eight placed finish for UCLA (as already pointed out by norcald503 and Achilles earlier today, but I will excerpt it again anyway):

8. UCLA: The schedule is brutal (Tennessee, BYU and Fresno State are the nonconference games). The offensive line may be brutalized. New coach Rick Neuheisel didn't inherit much talent, and that figures to show on the field, no matter how good the coaching staff is.

I will just ask the question our Class of 66 posted in comment thread of our last post:

[W]here in the world did all that BS about us dumbing down expectations to protect CRN come from?

In legitimate poll after legitimate poll, the predictions are actually worse than those that were posted by BN writers and then attacked as being an effort to protect CRN and lower expectations.

Good question. Any one wants to venture with answers? I will just end with 66’s note:

No matter the talent gap, I can’t wait for FB season. I feel better about it than any time, in recent memory, even though this year we are predicted to be far worse than predicted in the last several years. We will be better. We will surprise people. And, that will be fun.

Can't say it any better and a perfect note to kick off the weekend.