WWL Joins the Conspiracy! Bring Out the Tin Foil Hats!

While there are some people intent on claiming BN is part of a pro-Neuheisel conspiracy to lower expectations in Westwood, it appears the WWL has joined BN with a rather paltry assessment of the state of UCLA football:

In fact, in Ted Miller's Pac-10 preseason rankings, he doesn't just put UCLA in the bottom half of the Pac-10, he puts us at 8, ahead of only Stanford (9) and Washington St. (10).

On the Bruins, Miller says:

8. UCLA: The schedule is brutal (Tennessee, BYU and Fresno State are the nonconference games). The offensive line may be brutalized. New coach Rick Neuheisel didn't inherit much talent, and that figures to show on the field, no matter how good the coaching staff is.

So, either BN is paying the WWL to get on board with the same conspiracy that Rivals and other MSM sources have joined, or, well, believing that despite CRN, NC, and DW running the show, the lack of talent and tough schedule means it'll be a long season for the Bruins isn't unreasonable after all.

Despite the lack of experience and talent, I'm really hoping this team can surprise a few people and pull out a 7-5 record and get CRN a bowl game his first year at the helm.  But, that kind of finish is a hope, rather than a probable prediction.  Hope for the best, but let's not be too surprised if things don't pan out so well this year.

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