Couple of Thoughts On YouTubing/UCLA FB (Athletics)

Let me go meta in terms of new media items and UCLA athletics. Both of them have to do with YouTubing.

I was surfing around last around YouTube and stumbled into this clip from UCLA-Michigan game from 1989:

I remember watching that game on ABC. It wasn’t fun. It was a brutal season following Aikman’s exit from UCLA.

Anyway, I am wondering if there are any Bruin fans out there who can match those lowlights by uploading the highlights from the 2000 Michigan-UCLA game from the Rose Bowl?

Here are few more for a YouTube wish list:

  • Nebraska-UCLA 1988
  • UCLA-Washington 1990
  • UCLA-Southern Cal 1993
  • Tennessee-UCLA 1994
  • Alabama-UCLA 2000
  • UCLA-Alabama 2001
  • UCLA-Ohio State 2001

Of course would love to see the highlights from the 83 and 84 Rose Bowls and the Fiesta Bowl from 1984.

Perhaps the Athletic Department can step up here and create a vault of UCLA highlights in an official UCLA YouTube Channel?

For example, Cal’s AD has already set up their official youtube channel.

Why can’t UCLA do the same?



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