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Husky Grace

Earlier today Jason over at Washington Husky Sports (a wonderful blog covering all aspects of Washington athletics) put up a weekly post entitled - "Pac-10 Alley" - in which he took comments from Adam Rose, the Trojan alum who blogs on “What’s Bruin” as representative of comments from Bruin Nation:

The Bruin Blog has this tidbit about the Washington game. What Nestor and the gang are forgetting is that UCLA isn't going to be very good this year. They have no offensive line, and by the time they play UW they probably won't have a QB. No way does UW lose to UCLA this year unless Willingham is totally incompetent. I can understand the half empty glass scenario, an 0-3 start could mean big trouble. By the way Nestor, Jake is Tebow good!

Unless Jake Locker really is the Tim Tebow of the West, this game should be one of the most manageable for UCLA in 2008. Despite playing all three out-of-conference games at home, Washington will be punished by a schedule featuring Oklahoma, BYU, and Notre Dame. Immediately prior to the UCLA game, the Huskies are facing potential blowout losses to USC and Arizona State. Morale could reach epic depths.

We wrote to Jason pointing out the fact that those comments didn’t come from Bruin Nation and that we in fact disagreed Adam's analysis here.

In response John posted this note addressing all of us here on BN:

Sometimes when I am churning out the content for Pac Ten Alley I miss the true inflection, and in this case the true source of what is being said, and who is saying it.

So it makes sense to post the response from the great gang at the UCLA blog. The UCLA blog as you all know is one of the very best in the country, and they have been very supportive of my blog.

Obviously I was clipping and posting before work and didn't take the time I needed to read through everything. In my defense it takes a lot of work to get this stuff posted every day, and sometimes I make mistakes. It doesn't happen every day, but when I do it gets pointed out pretty quickly.

So here goes...., and I apologize to our good friends at the UCLA blog who do a fantastic job, and have a very keen, and balanced eye when it comes to college athletics.

That is incredibly classy of Jason.

As I have noted number of times on BN, I have nothing but admiration for Jason’s work and that just grew exponentially after the response.

It is going to be a lot of fun going back and forth with Washington Husky Sports during the game week leading up to November 15. Hopefully that will contribute a little something setting the tone for not just that game but for future relations between two great schools and groups of alums and students.