Uni Watch on Coach Sanders' Cleverness

Bumped. Cool find. GO BRUINS. -N

Came across this on one of my favorite blogs on the internets:

Two interesting tidbits from Jim Parker, beginning with a UCLA tale: “In the mid- to late 1950s, UCLA’s legendary head football coach Henry ‘Red’ Sanders would purchase the team’s home powder blue jerseys in a lighter shade of blue each successive season, until they were almost as pale as the visiting teams white jerseys (although the jerseys were still blue enough for players and fans to tell the two teams apart). Several years later, UCLA’s longtime equipment manager revealed why: Players and fans could tell the two teams apart, but it was virtually impossible to make the same distinction on the black-and-white game or ’scout’ films. In these films of the UCLA games, the offense and defense immediately blended into one indistinguishable group after every hike of the ball.

Pretty clever, especially by taking advantage of new technology (well, their apparent setbacks as well). It's obviously tame in an age of recorded coach signals, sign stealing, and videotaped walkthroughs, but I think it's just sheer genius to take advantage of still and motion camera technology at the time due to the lack of color presented by pictures/film. You can't blame Coach Sanders if a camera at the time can't distinguish between our blue and another team's white, can you?

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