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No Rush Re. Home & Home Jersey

I wrote in last post about Neuheisel not giving his peers in the Pac-10 anything to work with. Obviously lot of people in this town are already obsessed over the Neuheisel v. Carroll angle.  Apparently Neuheisel has a good public relationship with Carroll.

And they both want UCLA and Southern Cal to be wearing their home jerseys in the last game. Apparently there has been a hiccup in the home and home jersey plan:

"The rules, right now, make it a little tenuous because you have to forfeit a timeout,'' Neuheisel said. "We were both of the mind that you only had to forfeit a timeout in the first half, but we were told that we would have to forfeit a timeout in both halves, and that's a little scary in a game that matters that much."
Neuheisel said the only way it would work was if the Pac-10 ruled it would have to forfeit a timeout only in the first half.
"My guess is we're going to get turned down,'' Neuheisel said. "But hopefully it isn't that far off because the game should be that way."

Apparently it is up to ole Tom Hansen:

"Mr. Hansen (Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen) decides whether or not he wants to let that happen," UCLA's Rick Neuheisel said. "He may ask for permission from the NCAA. I don't know.

"Hopefully it isn't far off. It should be that way, both teams wearing their home jerseys, a classic game, like when we were kids. I look forward to having it go back to that."

Even though I think this is a cool idea, it’s not the biggest issue in my mind. Also I think if this were to happen, we should start this next year when we visit the Coliseum. Once our guys get to wear our blue on their home turf, they can wear their home jerseys when they come back in 2010. For now though, there is no reason for anyone to lose sleep over it.