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Roundup From BN Walk: Football News & Notes

Few quick notes from last week which I don't think I have noted yet on BN. First, another player - Jamil Turner - is not coming back to the team:

UCLA receiver Jamil Turner will not return for his fourth season. However, he will remain in school and finish his degree. So it is clear, it means he will not come back for a fifth year, thus freeing up a scholarship for the next recruiting class.

I think the last sentence gives away the story here. Turner has been in the program for a while and simply has not been able to make a charge up the depth chart. It's good to see him take advantage of an opportunity and get a great degree. At the same time though this decision gives RN the opportunity to upgrade the talent level in his program.

While he is working on upgrading the talent, RN is also sending signals about his commitment to discipline in the program. Dohn posted more information behind Neuheisel's decision to suspend Locket for the season opener:

And while I do not find it necessary to reveal what it was, it was a similar incident to what a player did under former coach Karl Dorrell. And Dorrell did not suspend the player.
"I've been guilty of it in the past, in my own mind, of not being pro-active enough in disciplining (players),'' Nueheisel said. "I just want to make sure there are consequences to every action."

If Neuheisel wanted to take the easy way out ... he could have suspended Lockett for the first half and bring him back in the second (I know we have seen that stunt at certain schools before). Neuheisel doesn't get any extra credit for making the right move, however we can certainly note this down as a positive data point before moving on.

Also we have mentioned about Neuheisel changing up the practice schedule so he and the coaching staff could have more opportunities to check all our players. Dohn has more on that decision:

"We will have a 3:00 (p.m.) session and a a 4:40 (p.m.) session, with the middle session being our special teams, when everybody is on the field. But that way we will have (two) one hour and 20 minutes so everybody is getting reps.
"Meaning at 3:00 one half of the team will be on the field and we will go through and hour and 20 minute practice including the stretching. There will be only two units out there so they are going to get all of it.
"Then for that 4:20 to 4:40 window you're going to have all the team out there, but that is your special teams. And at 4:40 you will have the other half of the team taking those same reps.
"Now because it is only a three hour block and the rule of one practice is three hours, if we want players to be out there for all three, we can do it."
Neuheisel said the first and third teams will work during one session, and the second teams will work against the fourth team.

I am sure those of you who are planning to head down to Westwood to check our practice are noting all of these details.

Lastly, Patrick Cowan is going to have surgery sometime this August. Good luck to PC as we wish him a full, timely and healthy recovery.