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Jonathan "Jet Ski" Franklin = Reality TV Star

Looks like Malcolm Lee is not the only future Bruin star making news today.

Jonathan Franklin, a blue chip RB/DB prospect from LA’s Dorsey High School is a member of this year’s highly promising freshman class. Apparently football is not the only extra curricular activity Jonathan “Jet Ski” Franklin excels in. He also happens to be a key member of a reality show – Baldwin Hills – on BET (emphasis added):

A star athlete with a game plan, Johnathan, aka: “Jet Ski,” is not only a college bound senior, but a bonafide high school superstar! He is attending one of the most prestigious football programs in the country this fall, and is also anticipating becoming an author and future psychologist. Johnathan will not allow himself to forget where he comes from, and is a strong dependable person to lean on and an inspiration for his entire neighborhood.  Johnathan moves on his own steam, but his mother always has his back and is there to keep him focused on achieving his dreams and giving back to his community.

You can check out more details on the show here.

I stopped keeping track of reality shows after MTV’s Real World in Seattle. So I will leave up to you in assessing the quality of Baldwin Hills.