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Per N's request, I've decided to put together a bit of analysis (with a good amount of my own speculation thrown in) on how our football depth chart shapes up for this upcoming season ('08-'09), next season ('09-'10), and the season following ('10-'11).  I know some people (mostly the MSM) are fretting about the loss of a couple of recruits in our secondary, but given our depth there, that shouldn't be problem for us.

I think having this information broken down will help give us some perspective to gauge how our recruiting efforts are shaping up, see where we're going to need to get help down the line, and touch off a bit of discussion.

To make it a bit easier to sort, I've broke each group up into separate block quote sections:



'08-'09 (11 total scholarship players):

CB1: Alterraun Verner (JR)
FS: Aaron Ware (RS JR)
SS: Bret Lockett (SR)
CB2: Michael Norris (RS SR)

Reserves: Courtney Viney, CB (RS FR); Glenn Love, S (RS FR)

Incoming Freshmen: Rahim Moore, S (5 stars, #2 by Scout); E.J. Woods, S (4 stars, #9 by Scout); Anthony Dye, CB (4 stars, #9 by Scout); Aaron Hester, CB (4 stars, #19 by Scout); Sean Westgate, S/LB (3 stars, #83 by Scout)

Notes: Rahim Moore and E.J. Woods are most highly touted recruits and should push Lockett, Ware, and Norris for playing time; the only guaranteed returning starter is Verner.

'09-'10 (11 total scholarship players)

FS: Ware (RS SR)
SS: Love (RS SO)
CB2: Viney (RS SO)

Reserves: Moore, S (RS FR or SO); Woods, S (RS FR or SO); Dye, CB (RS FR or SO); Hester, CB (RS FR or SO); Westgate, S (RS FR or SO)

Incoming Freshmen: Alex Mascarenas, CB (3 stars, #38 by Scout); Sheldon Price, CB (3 stars, #33 by Scout)

Notes: This scenario assumes ATV doesn't jump to the NFL and assumes all veteran players will start. Of course, given the talent of Moore, Woods, Dye, or Hester, any of them could be in the starting secondary.  Again, the only for-sure starter is Verner.

'10-'11 (9 scholarship players):

CB1: Viney (RS JR)
FS: Love (RS JR)
SS: Moore/Woods (RS SO or JR)
CB2: Dye/Hester (RS SO or JR)

Reserves: Moore/Woods, S (RS SO or JR); Dye/Hester (RS SO or JR); Westgate, S (RS SO or JR); Mascarenas, CB (RS FR or SO); Price, CB (RS FR or SO)

Notes: This assumes that CRN and DW don't bring in any additional secondary talent in either the Class of '09 or '10.

ASSESSMENT:  Given our depth in the secondary, which runs well into the '10-'11 season, I don't think losing Byron Moore to U$C or Marlon Pollard to ND is a major concern.  While the secondary will go through some growing pains this next season (as Norris has no real starting experience and it's likely we'll be bringing in a couple of freshmen to start at times), we look pretty solid in the back for years to come.  As much as we rail on KD, this is one place where he didn't leave the cupboard bare for future seasons (although I suspect most of these guys are DW guys, not KD guys).


'08-'09 (9 total scholarship players):

SLB: John Hale (SR)
MLB: Reggie Carter (RS JR)
WLB: Kyle Bosworth (SR)

Reserves: Akeem Ayers, SLB (RS FR); Steve Sloan, MLB (RS FR); Josh Edwards, WLB (RS SR); Mike Schmitt (RS SO)

Incoming Freshmen: Donovan Carter, SLB (3 stars, #18 by Scout); Patrick Larimore, MLB (3 stars, #18 by Scout)

Notes: Incoming freshman Sean Westgate is a S/LB combo; Reggie Carter is switching from OLB to MLB this season. 

'09-'10 (8 total scholarship players)

SLB: Ayers (RS SO)
MLB: R. Carter (RS SR)
WLB: Sloan (RS SO)/Schmitt (RS JR)

Reserves: Sloan, MLB (RS SO)/Schmitt, WLB (RS JR); D. Carter, SLB (RS FR or SO); Larimore, MLB (RS FR or SO)

Incoming Freshmen: Todd Golper, MLB (4 stars, #7 by Scout); Isaiah Bowens, SLB (3 stars, #20 by Scout)

Notes: This scenario assumes both that Reggie doesn't leave a year early. and that CRN and DW don't bring more LB talent in the Class of '09.  The only for-sure starter is R. Carter. 

'10-'11 (7 scholarship players):


SLB: Ayers (RS JR)
MLB: Sloan (RS JR)
WLB: Schmitt (RS SR)

Reserves: D. Carter, SLB (RS SO or JR); Larimore, MLB (RS SO or JR); Golper, MLB (RS FR or SO); Bowens, SLB (RS FR or SO)

Notes: At this point in time, there's no sure-way of knowing who will be starting.  Golper, D. Carter and Larimore could all be pushing to start ahead of Schmitt and Ayers, although both Ayers and Sloan were highly touted recruits.  If they live up to their potential, they should be solid starters for us down the line.  Also, the above assumes there are no additional LB recruits in the Class of '09 or '10.


ASSESSMENT:  We should be solid at LB this season, but the corps gets thinner over the next couple of seasons.  While not an area of immediate concern, CRN and DW should plan to bring in some more talent to add depth in the Class of '09 and definitely with the Class of '10.


'08-'09 (15 total scholarship players):

LE: Korey Bosworth (RS JR)
DT1: Brian Price (SO)
DT2: Brigham Harwell (RS SR)
RE: Tom Blake (RS SR)

Reserves: Chinonso Anyanwu, DE (RS JR); David Carter, DE (RS SO); Reginald Stokes, DE (RS SO); Justin Edison, DE (RS FR); Jess Ward, DT (RS JR); Jeff Miller, DT (RS SO); Nathaniel Skaggs, DT (RS SR); Jerzy Siewierski, DT (JR); Chase Moline, DT (SR)

Incoming Freshmen: Damien Holmes, DE (4 stars, #6 by Scout); Datone Jones, DE (4 stars, #23 by Scout)

Notes: Brigham Harwell is returning from a medical redshirt; Blake will be replacing Bruce Davis.

'09-'10 (11 total scholarship players)

LE: Bosworth (RS SR)
DT1: Price (JR)
DT2: Siewierski (SR)/Ward (RS SR)
RE: Anyanwu (RS SR)/Stokes (RS JR)

Reserves: Anyanwu, DE (RS SR)/Stokes, DE (RS JR); D. Carter, DE (RS JR); Edison, DE (RS SO); Siewierski, DT (SR)/Ward, DT (RS SR); Miller, DT (RS SO); Holmes, DE (RS FR or SO); Jones, DE (RS FR or SO)

Incoming Freshmen: No current commits for Class of ‘09

Notes: This scenario assumes there are no defensive linemen in the Class of ’09.  Either Edison, Holmes, or Jones could be pushing for the starting position at RE against Anyanwu and Stokes.

'10-'11 (7 scholarship players):

LE: Edison (RS JR)/Holmes (RS SO or JR)
DT1: Price (SR)
DT2: Miller (RS JR)
RE: Stokes (RS SR)/Jones (RS SO or JR)

Reserves: Stokes, DE (RS SR)/Jones, DE (RS SO or JR); D. Carter, DE (RS SR); Edison, DE (RS JR)/Holmes, DE (RS SO or JR)

Notes: This scenario assumes there are no defensive linemen in the Class of ’09 or Class of ’10.  At the point, it’s very likely Jones and/or Holmes could be regular starters.  There is no depth at DT, with only Price and Miller remaining.

ASSESSMENT:  Given our current depth along the defensive front, this should be the strongest component of this year’s defensive squad.  The return of Harwell will be huge for the line, helping soften the blow from losing Bruce Davis to the NFL.  Holmes and Jones are highly touted DE recruits, who should be able to become solid starters down the line. Price will be a solid starter at DT for a couple of years. However, our depth at DT drops off quickly, and by ’10-’11, we’ll be down to just 2 DTs.  Landing some big interior defensive linemen should be a priority for CRN and DW in the Class of ’09 and ’10.

I'll follow up with the same 3 year projection for our offense in a bit.  Stay tuned. 

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