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Olson To Have Surgery Tomorrow

From the official site:

UCLA senior quarterback Ben Olson will have surgery on Tuesday on his right foot. Olson suffered a fracture to the fifth metatarsal of his right foot during Saturday's practice and x-rays on Sunday confirmed the fracture. He will have a new screw inserted in his right foot to aid the healing process. It is expected he will be sidelined approximately eight weeks.

"It's a crushing blow to the young man," head coach Rick Neuheisel said. "He put so much time and effort into the program, it's just really unfortunate. Sometimes you have a hard time understanding why things happen.

"Hopefully, his healing and rehab will go well and we'll get him back in the fold in early October."

We wish best of luck to Ben. Let’s hope he recovers soon and has a successful rehab. When he is ready to return there will be some interesting decisions for Olson and UCLA coaches. If by next 8-10 weeks one of our young cubs emerge as a dependable starting QB or as someone who has shown a lot of promise as the QB of the future (ala Cade although he was something special), what will Olson do?

Will he come back as backup and ready to step up when needed or will he apply for a medical redshirt and give it one more shot in this next year’s spring ball and fall camp, when the Bruins will have a crowded depth chart featuring Craft, Forcier, Crissman, Brehaut, Rasshan, and possibly Patrick Cowan.