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Some Housekeeping Notes: Supporting Our Marching Band

So folks … wanted to let you all know about a little house keeping note concerning the ads that are currently showing up on BruinsNation.

Right now we have ads popping up in three places. The two places we have had ads since the launch of BN 2.0 are at the top and on the top right hand side. Please note that revenues from ads in both of those areas go directly to the worthy guys at SBN, who keep not just this place, but the entire giant network of blogs running at full speed.

Now we wanted to make a special note of the 3rd ad – featuring KCBS (the local CBS affiliate in LA) – on the left hand side of this website. This ad started showing up sometime today.  Apparently, the folks at CBS are excited about putting advertisements on SBN blogs to try and bring people to their sites.  It's pretty relevant actually because they chose BN (and other Southern California based websites) based on their geographical location which means that's why our site was selected.  They don't have affiliates linked in every city that SBN has sites in. Anyway, so a portion of the revenue coming from this ad was earmarked for Bruins Nation.

So here is the deal. We have requested the SBN folks to direct the entire revenue that was supposed to go to BN from this KCBS online ad, to the UCLA Marching Band. Whatever $ is generated through that ad for BN will be sent directly to our band.  It is just our way of showing a little support to what we believe is the best marching band in America:


Photo Credit: Swanson Family's Photostream (flickr)

We emailed Gordon Henderson and gave him the heads up last night. From what we have heard, the actual revenue will show up in the next few months. But whatever it amounts to, and whenever it shows up, it will all go to our band.

Also, on another note, we do not accept any ads on this blog. We want to keep this little place as clutter free as possible from ads to make it easier to read. Ads will only go up here if it is placed through arrangements with the SBN central network.

Moreover, as we have maintained repeatedly through the years, this is nothing short of a hobby for us, as we are all a bunch of alums who are addicted to all things Bruin blue and gold. I know for me personally I will stop blogging when this becomes anything more than a hobby/addiction and resembles work. This is an escape to our online version of Westwood.  And if this venture results in any kind of revenue like this ad with KCBS, we are going to continue to find ways to make sure it goes right back to our greater offline Bruin family.