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More Than Words: Why We Are In Love

We are only 18 days away from the start of the most anticipated football season in years. But don’t forget Ben Ball season is around the corner. With news concerning our returning and new warriors trickling out around the internets its hard not to get giddy about Mid October when Westwood officially will become paradise for us dual junkies of UCLA football and hoops.

Now one of the reasons (may be I am speaking for myself – if you agree or disagree chime in the thread) college football and basketball mean so much than professional leagues is fairly simple: emotion. We have tried before collectively to articulate why we feel it and why we love everything that is in Bruin blue and gold. Once in a while though you stumble into recorded memories that explain far better than words, why we all fell in love.

Yes, I was browsing around the tubes last night and ran into this: video of KCBS broadcast of 1995 championship ceremony party at Pauley. I was there. This is the video (pt. 5) where Coach Jim Harrick introduces all of our players:

UCLA 1995 Basketball Championship Ceremony Pt5 (via Lu7884)

I will not lie to you. I started getting goose bumps watching it and then started getting choked up a little around 6:30 mark. That was pt. 5 of a 6 pt video (Check out pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, and pt. 4). Pt. 6 of this video is just as good as pt. 5:


UCLA 1995 Basketball Championship Ceremony Pt6 (via Lu7884)

I sure hope not only all of Ben Ball warriors (returning and new ones) but every athlete involved in any UCLA team watch those two clips.

Those videos explain what goes on in the core of our Bruin souls. I know at least for me the emotion I experienced watching those clips help me understand why thousands of us we are in love with those magical four letters in more than words anyone of us can ever type up. I can't describe it. I just feel it. And I have a feeling I am not the only one in this Bruin Nation.