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Rockin' Out At Westwood: Two Practice Notes

Seriously thanks so much to dabruins07 and other BNers who have been kind enough to let all of us in on the practice fun by sharing pictures like this:


Getting ready @ Spaulding. Photo Credit: dabruins07's photostream (flickr)

Just one note though. We want to pass on from our program one small and simple request to all of you taking these great shots.

Please don’t take any pictures of formations or specific plays from practice. Keep the pictures limited to shots like the one above. 

BTW if you haven’t been going to practice we hear you might be missing out on practice warm up sounds track featuring tunes like this:

2 Pac & Dr Dre - California Love (via PhobicSilver)

DeWayne Walker picked that tune for yesterday's warmup.  What did Chow go with? Details over at Kevin Pearson's blog post at

So thanks again for letting in on all the fun. Yes, once again football is fun in Westwood.

Keep it coming ... I mean ROCKIN ... out at wild, wild Westwood.