Plans for Saturday? An Evening at Drake

Mrs. Bald Eagle alerted me to the fact that we have plans this Saturday night.  That's right, she is taking me and 2 of my 3 little Bald Eagles to an evening of fun at Drake to watch our gridiron warriors have a little scrimmage.

G-d I love that woman.  No expensive dinners, or boring movies or reconnecting with old friends.  Just some quality time on a beautiful summer evening with the family and our favorite football team on the campus of the best University in land.

The boys will get a poster, meet some of our Bruin Warriors, get some autographs, we'll dine in the Food Zone (not my first choice as for culinary experiences, but I  have to be mindful of the whole experience).  Here is the link to the official site for all the details.

Sorry all you non-locals won't be able to join me on my "date" but I'm sure we'll get a recap from some of the  Nation faithful who will be out there with me and fam.  I may even invite greatgymnasticsschool to join me and the Mrs on our magical date at Drake, if I wasn't worried that the Mrs would be tempted to go home with him  instead of me and the kids.


Go Bruins.

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