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Howlandwood: Where NBA Careers Begin

Well this is a perfect note to follow up the post re. our "Championship Factory" in Westwood. One of the big reasons Bruins are in the top 5 among college athletic programs with most athletes in professional leagues is our overwhelming presence in the NBA ranks. The good folks over at Rush the Court, a great college basketball blog recently did a pretty solid analysis of NBA draft picks by school from 1949-2008.

Guess which school finished at the top of that list:  2008-hist-nba-picks-total-v2_medium


Again read the full analysis here.

With Coach Howland in charge UCLA will probably not give up that lead any time soon. One can bet UNC is going to make a serious charge with next year’s draft and will continue to be neck in neck if not go ahead of us with Roy’s recruiting in Chapel Hill). But we are not going go away with anywhere with this year’s incoming class of Ben Ball warriors. Remember we have a head coach who made a pro out of Ryan Hollins, a project recruit by a coach I won’t bother naming in this post.

For the following year we already have Brendan Lane and Reeves Nelson lined up and I am not losing sleep over how Howland is going to fill out that class and the future ones.

Good times in Howlandwood a key section of the "Championship Factory" in Westwood.