Today v. A Year Ago

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

What's the difference between where we were a year ago and where we are, today? 

After reading the reports of the scrimmage, which were not glowing, I find that I am still excited about the start of FB season. Yes, we have obvious problems, but still ... I can't shake the feeling that we will be better than expected, that even though we will be a "work in progress" we will "turn the corner".

For the last several years, those phrases were hollow. I hated hearing them. This year, I actually believe them -- although I'm glad I'm not hearing them from the coaches.

And, that's the difference. I have confidence in our coaches and players. We will play harder, play smarter, and play to win. And, win or lose, I look forward to that

What a difference from last year.

Last year we were predicted to be great. This year we are predicted to be mediocre at best. 

Yes, last year the pundits were predicting great things like going into the sc game undefeated. This year they are predicting some pretty bad things. 

Yet, how many of us were more optimistic about last year than we are about this year? Not me. No matter how many returning starters we had, we all knew our coaches would screw it up. And, they did.

This year, we're being told that we have little talent, a very thin O line, no QB's of distinction, and have had too many serious injuries for a thin team to overcome.

Yet, I do not despair. This coaching staff will get more out of less. (Last year's got less out of more.)

Bottom Line: For the first time in several years, I'm looking forward to the season. I'm looking forward to watching games with enthusiasm not fear or dread. I'm looking forward to the Sunday news and to the commentary here.

Bring it on. I can't wait.


PS. A couple of other things I think are different:

First, I think the press is being far more honest and critical about what it is seeing on our practice fields and scrimmages. I think CTS had a Teflon shield. Certain commentators (I can't bring myself to call them reporters) treated him like the King with no clothes. They didn't do CTS any favors. Those who believed the reports expected much more from CTS than we knew he could deliver.

Second, the sound bites coming from the players make clear that they understand that the new staff has high expectations for them and that they want to meet them. Last year, players said so many trite things you just couldn't take them seriously.

Third, these coaches are far more articulate and honest. They speak in complete sentences -- they don't hide behind weird sound bites. They admit problems and when they tell us they will solve them, I believe it.

Finally, I like the way these coaches approach the players. They seem direct and honest. I can't see them throwing their players under the bus. And, I think these players understand that their coaches are stand up guys. I think the players respect the coaches and will want to do their best for them.

It's going to be a good year.

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