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Off To Beijing ...

Morgan Center has released the final list of Bruin athletes and coaches headed to Beijing:

Looking to add to its rich Olympic history yet again in 2008, UCLA will send a total of 38 athletes and coaches to this summer's Olympic Games, which will be held Aug. 8-24 in Beijing, China. Of the 38 Bruins traveling to Beijing, 32 are athletes (27 former, 4 current, 1 incoming), and six are coaches.

UCLA was one of the nation's most successful universities at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, ranking No. 1 among all universities in number of different medalists (19) and number of Olympians (57 representing the United States and 13 foreign countries). Of the 19 medals UCLA took home in 2004, eight were gold, eight were bronze and three were silver. If UCLA were a country, it would have placed 14th overall in the medal count.

A majority of UCLA's 2008 contingent will be representing the United States (29). Eight other countries will also be represented by Bruins, including Australia (1), Bahamas (1), Belize (1), Canada (2), Korea (1), Poland (1), Singapore (1) and Trinidad & Tobago (1). A large number of the UCLA athletes and coaches will be competing in the areas of women's track & field (8) and softball (6). Other sports represented by Bruins include: men's soccer (4), women's soccer (3), women's water polo (3), men's water polo (2), men's track & field (2), men's tennis (2), women's swimming (2), women's beach volleyball (2), men's indoor volleyball (1), men's beach volleyball (1), men's rowing (1) and women's gymnastics (1).

Read rest of the write up here.

Congrats to all of our Bruins for making their respective national teams and best of luck.