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Via The Tubes: Highlights Of Vols' Offensive Stars

As promised, let's build on my previous post on Tennessee's defensive highlights by looking at the key guys in in their clawfense. And man ... there is a lot here to be concerned about .

We have been talking all week about Arian Foster and how stopping him (and other Volunteer backs) will be the key to success for Walker's defense. Here is a little tape on what we are assuming Price, Harwell and co have been going over last few weeks:

While you can count on Fulmer and Clawson to establish their running game through Foster, Bruin defensive coaches will have to look out for a little bit of trickery. Keep an eye on Lucas Taylor, the most productive Volunteer receiver (73 rec-1000yds-5TDs), who also happened to play a little bit of QB in high school. He can go Freddie Mitchell on us:

Video courtesy of Joel at Rocky Top Talk.

Speaking of going Freddie Mitchell, keep an eye on receiver Gerald Jones. Last year Tennessee ran a specific G-Gun offense in which they snapped the ball directly to Jones (another high school QB) who plays WR (video courtesy of Rocky Top Talk):

Wouldn't it be cool if UCLA did the same thing with OR?

Josh Briscoe is the other Tennessee receiver who had a solid season last year (56 rec-557yds-6TDs). And as he showed during Tennessee' s 2008 Orange & White game, he is going to be looking for another great season:

If there are other highlights of. Tennesee's offense are floating around the tubes, that we need to pay attention to please post them in the comment threads or post them in the FanShots.

Let's hope Briscoe, Taylor, and Foster don't get off the great start courtesy of the Bruin defense.

They key to containing these guys again will be to stop the running game and put the kind of pressure on Crumpton that will throw off his rhythm in his first collegiate start as a Volunteers QB.

This will be a ridiculously tough assignment for Walker and his coaches.  We are going to need him and his defensive players to step up if we are going to have a shot on Monday night. I think they will be prepared, fired up, and ready to go.