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Neuheisel to the Faithful

The Friday before Game 1. 

It doesn't get any more exciting than this.  It's bad enough that it's a holiday weekend.  Even worse that we have to wait until Monday to see how the Neuheisel era will begin against the Vols.

In the interim, all we can do is wait.  And not get much work done.

So, in that spirit, I joined the UCLA Faithful at the Bruin Touchdown Club breakfast this morning.  If you haven't been to one of these, it's a gathering of fans, led by our very own Geoffrey Strand, which features food, friends, cheerleaders and some words from our Bruins. 

For this installment, it was Coach Neuheisel's turn, along with Brigham Harwell, ATV, Logan Paulsen and Micah Reed.  It was an interesting morning, but the highlight was the presentation by Neu:


And, besides giving a nice talk about the upcoming season, Coach Neuheisel also eloquently addressed the ads placed by UCLA in the LAT and Daily News we've discussed before.

Just 3 more days.


UPDATE - N: We have taken the audio link out per Rick Neuheisel's request. GO BRUINS.