Patience will be rewarded

 Well here we are 2 days from a new beginning. To regain glory lost. To re-establish Bruin football as a national power. To what I feel will be, a high flying offensive and smash mouth defensive footbal program within 2-3 years. Having back alum Coach R.N. and the billiance of offensive coord. Coach N.C. will pay huge and long term dividends. I've been a Bruin diehard since the days of Pepper Rogers and his wishbone offense. I was there when Coach Vermeil and the Bruins kicked the piss out of Woody Hayes and OSU in the Rose Bowl. I remember Coach Donahue's teams regularly kicking the crap out of usc.(no caps for apparent reasons). I truly believe in CRN,  having witnessed his successes at UW and Colorado. This guys passionate and has the coconuts to keep the talent in So Cal and recruit nationally.

 Give me a 5 count and Go Bruins.

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