More Fall Practice 8-5-2008

I was down at UCLA today so I thought I would take a walk over to the football practice to see how things are going. It was a bright sunny day but luckily there was shade by the bleachers. I showed up to take a look at the offense but had to leave after about an hour.

This is the offense taking their side of the field with Norm Chow


This is Olson and Prince running short route pass plays


This is tailback/fullback practice


This was the initial huddle at the start of practice. Here's some video of that moment

(Please someone teach me how to embed video)




The defense


Offensive line practice


Craft and Crissman. For the first hour, they didn't get many snaps. Olson and Prince were getting them. Olson had better accuracy but Prince had more zing on the ball. Prince is going to be good once he is developed. Video 1 Video 2 Video 3


QB Rasshan


WRs Moutra and Johnson


Warm-up drills

All and all a great day. The offensive line were off by themselves practicing (I hope well). One thing I did notice: Chow seems like a real player's coach. As he imparted what seemed to be very practical wisdom (demonstrating how the players should hold their hands and such), the players were very intent of listening to what he said. I hope it is sinking in.

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