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Bumped. Folks if you haven't done it yet, please join us in  giving Gilbert a huge thanks for his incredible effort last two weeks. Of course it goes without saying congrats to all our Bruin men and women for their amazing efforts in Beijing. GO BRUINS. -N

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UCLA medal winners: Dawn Harper, gold (track, 100m Hurdles); Monique Henderson, gold (track, 4x400m relay); Lauren Cheney, gold (USA soccer); Mark Hunter, gold (rowing, lightweight double sculls); Sheena Tosta, silver (track, 400m Hurdles); Andrea Duran, silver (USA softball); Tairia Flowers, silver (USA softball); Stacey Nuveman, silver (USA softball); Natasha Watley, silver (USA softball); Adam Wright, silver (USA men's water polo); Brandon Brooks, silver (USA men's water polo);  Natalie Golda, silver (USA women's water polo); Jaime Hipp, silver (USA women's water polo); Kim Vandenberg, bronze (swimming, 4x200 relay); Tanya Harding, bronze (Australia softball).


Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. I was gone and/or busy all weekend. This is my final scheduled update of this post. If I have time this week, I'll put up a special post recapping the medal winners.

Track and Field: Saturday, UCLA's Monique Henderson ran the third leg for the USA 4x400 relay team that won the gold medal. It was Henderson's second gold medal, she was also on the team that won in Athens. The team ran in 3:18.54. Congrats to Monique.

Men's Water Polo Gold Medal game: Hungary 14, USA 10 -- Hungary was the heavy favorite, as they've now won three straight gold medals. The U.S. team battled and kept it close until the fourth quarter. One bright spot for the U.S. was UCLA's Brandon Brooks, who was the backup goalie but came into the game when the starter was struggling and made several big saves to keep the game close. Bruin Adam Wright had an assist. It's USA's first medal since 1988.

FULL LISTINGS BY SPORT (aftter the jump)


Amy Acuff (High Jump), Jeanette Bolden (Head Coach, team USA), Jessica Cosby (Hammer), Dawn Harper (100m Hurdles), Monique Henderson (4x400 relay), Yoo Kim (Pole Vault, Korea), Suzy Powell-Roos (Discus), Sheena (Johnson) Tosta (400m Hurdles), Rhonda Watkins (Long Jump, Trinidad and Tobago), Jonathan Williams (400m Hurdles, Belize)

Aug. 15 -- Discus qualifying rounds (Suzy Powell-Roos -- 15th)
Aug. 15 -- Men's 400m Hurdles round 1 (Jonathan Williams -- 4th in heat)
Aug. 17 -- 100m Hurdles round 1 (Dawn Harper -- 2nd in heat, qualifies for semis)
Aug. 17 -- Women's 400m Hurdles round 1 (Sheena Tosta -- 5th in heat)
Aug. 17 -- Hammer throw qualifying rounds (Jessica Cosby -- NM)
Aug. 18, 4:40 a.m. -- 100m Hurdles Semis (Harper wins semifinal)
Aug. 18 -- Women's 400m Hurdles Semis (Tosta wins semifinal)
Aug. 18 -- Long Jump qualifying rounds (Rhonda Watkins 19th in qualifying)
Aug. 19 -- 100m Hurdles finals (Harper wins gold medal, link to video)
Aug. 20, 5:40 a.m. -- Pole Vault qualifying rounds (Yoo Kim, NM)
Aug. 20 -- Women's 400m Hurdles finals (Tosta wins silver medal)
Aug. 20 -- High Jump qualifying rounds (Amy Acuff, 9th)
Aug. 22 -- 4x400 Relay round 1 (Henderson's USA team wins heat)
Aug. 23 -- 4x400 Relay finals (Henderson's USA team takes gold!)

SOFTBALL (6 Bruins)

Players on Team USA: Andrea Duran, Lisa Fernandez, Tairia (Mims) Flowers, Stacey Nuveman, Natasha Watley
On Australia: Tanya Harding (I couldn't find their schedule)

Note: A lot of these games are at 9 p.m., watchable for us West Coasters.

Aug. 11 -- USA 11, Venezuela 0 (Watley home run -- link to video highlights)
Aug. 12 -- USA 3, Australia 0 (Watley RBI single)
Aug. 14  -- USA 8, Canada 1 (Duran 2 RBI, link to video)
Aug. 14 -- USA 7, Japan 0 (Watley home run, link to video)
Aug. 15 -- USA 7, Chinese Taipei 0
Aug. 17 -- USA 8, Netherlands 0 (Flowers home run, link to video)
Aug. 17 -- USA 9, China 0 (Flowers 2 RBI, link to video)

Australia: Finished 5-2, third place in group play.

Aug. 19 -- Semifinal #1 vs. #2 -- USA 4, Japan 1, 9 inn. (Link to video)
Aug. 19 -- Semifinal #3 vs. #4 -- Australia 5, Canada 3
Aug. 20 -- Bronze Medal game: Japan 4, Australia 3, 12 inn. (Australia gets bronze)
Aug. 21 -- Gold Medal game: Japan 3, USA 1 (USA gets silver)

MEN'S SOCCER (3 Bruins)

Players on Team USA: Benny Feilhaber, Patrick Ianni, Marvell Wynne

Aug. 7 -- USA 1, Japan 0 (Wynne assist, link to video)
Aug. 10 -- USA 2, Netherlands 2
Aug. 13 -- Nigeria 2, USA 1 (USA eliminated)


On USA: Lauren Cheney, Jillian Ellis (assistant coach)
On Canada: Kara Lang

Aug. 6 -- Norway 2, USA 0
Aug. 6 -- Canada 2, Australia 1 (Kara Lang scored game-winning goal)
Aug. 9 -- USA 1, Japan 0
Aug. 9 -- Canada 1, China 1
Aug. 12 -- USA 4, New Zealand 0
Aug. 12 -- Sweden 2, Canada 1
Aug. 15 -- Quarterfinals: USA 2, Canada 1
Aug. 18 -- Semifinals: USA 4, Japan 2
Aug. 21 -- Gold Medal Game: USA 1, Brazil 0 (USA wins gold)


On Team USA: Natalie Golda, Jaime Hipp, Guy Baker (head coach)

Aug. 11, -- USA 12, China 11 (Golda scored four goals -- video highlights)
Aug. 13 -- USA 9, Italy 9
Aug. 14 -- USA 12, Russia 7 (Golda scored three goals)
Aug. 18 -- Semifinals: USA 9, Australia 8 (Golda goal)
Aug. 21 -- Gold Medal Game: Netherlands 9, USA 8 (Golda goal, USA gets silver)


On Team USA: Brandon Brooks, Adam Wright

Aug. 10 -- USA 8, China 4  (Wright assist, link to video)
Aug. 11 -- USA 12, Italy 11 (Wright goal)
Aug. 13 -- Serbia 4, USA 2
Aug. 15 -- USA 7, Croatia 5 (Wright goal)
Aug. 17 -- USA 8, Germany 7 (Wright two goals, USA gets bye to semfinals, link to video)
Aug. 22 -- Semifinals: USA 10, Serbia 5 (Wright three assists, two steals)
Aug. 24 -- Gold Medal Game: Hungary 14, USA 10 (Brooks four saves, Wright assist)

The U.S. wins the silver medal, its first medal since 1988.

TENNIS (2 Bruins)

Bruins competing: Mark Knowles (Bahamas), Marcin Matkowski (Poland)

Both are competing in doubles. Knowles’ parter is Devin Mullings, Matkowski’s partner is Maruisz Fyrstenberg. There are 32 doubles teams in the single-elimination tournament.

Aug. 12 — First Round: Matkowski/Fyrstenberg def. Yu/Zeng (CHN) 6-3, 6-4.
Aug. 12 — First Round: Knowles/Mullings lose to Bob Bryan/Mike Bryan 6-2, 6-1.
Aug. 13 — Round of 16:  Matkowski/Fyrstenberg def. Damm/Vizner (CZE) 1-6, 7-6 (3), 7-5.
Aug. 14 — Quarterfinals: Matkowski/Fyrstenberg lose to Aspelin/Johansson (SWE) 7-6 (5), 6-4.

SWIMMING (2 Bruins)

Bruins competing: Kim Vandenberg, 4x200m relay (USA), Nicolette Teo, 100/200 breast, relays (Singapore)

Aug. 10 --100m Breaststroke heats (Nicolette Teo 1:10.75 -- 7th in heat)
Aug. 13 -- 200m Breaststroke heats (Teo 2:34.60 -- 6th in heat)
Aug. 13 -- 4x200m Relay heats (Vandenberg's team wins heat, 7:52.43)
Aug. 13 -- 4x200m Relay finals (Vandenberg not in final race where team won bronze, but she gets a bronze medal anyway.)


Bruin competing: Elaine Youngs
Bruins coaching: Bob Alejo, Liz Masakayan

Elaine Youngs and her partner Nicole Branagh are in Group E. Each group has four teams, the top two teams and some third-place teams go to the Round of 16.

Aug. 9 — Youngs/Branagh def. Kadjik/Mooren (NED) 21-19, 27-25. (link to video)
Aug. 11 — Youngs/Branagh def. Pohl/Rau (GER) 21-17, 21-16
Aug. 13 — Youngs/Branagh def. Ribalta/Crespo (CUB) 21-19, 13-21, 15-12. (link to video)
Aug. 14 — Round of 16: Youngs/Branagh def. Grasset/Peraza (CUB) 21-15, 21-13.
Aug. 17  — Quarterfinals: Youngs/Branagh lose to Xue/Zhang Xi (CHN) 21-17, 21-13.

ROWING (2 Bruins)

Bruins competing: Mark Altman (USA), Lightweight Fours; Mark Hunter (Great Britain), Lightweight Double Sculls

Aug 10 -- Heats: Bruin rowing assistant coach Mark Hunter easily won his heat with partner Zac Purchase, advancing to the semifinals. The other Bruin, Mark Altman's team finished fourth in their heat.
Aug. 12 -- Repechage: Altman's team finsihed third, which looks like enough to advance to the semifinals. (Link to video)
Aug. 15 -- Semifinals: Hunter/Purchase won their semifinal (link to video).
Aug. 17 -- Finals: Hunter/Purchase WIN THE GOLD MEDAL! (link to video)


Bruin competing: Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (Canada)

Aug. 10 -- Women's Qualifiers -- Hopfner-Hibbs finished 19th in the All-Around (out of 98), which as freesia39 pointed out in the comments, is good enough to advance to the finals.

Aug. 14 ---Women's Individual finals: Hopfner-Hibbs finished 16th overall. Very impressive, and she's just going to be an incoming freshman this year.


John Speraw is an assistant coach for Team USA. Since there are no Bruins actually competing, I didn't list the games.

EDIT:  Team USA won the gold medal.

(My sources were, NBC, USA Softball, USA Water Polo and the official Beijing 2008 site.)
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