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Marcia Fails To "Register" & Bruins Fire Back

I will go ahead and run with tasser10's idea for the title of this post. In case you haven't read it yet, check out bluestreet's fanpost concerning Marcia Smith, the OC Register "reporter" (and former beat writer for UCLA) who currently blogs on "UCLA Blog".

Looks like Marica has followed up her recent concern trolling re. our football program with another sloppy and poor researched (and as she implies herself a totally uninformed) article taking all kinds of snark filled cheap shots against our football program. I will go ahead and repost the excerpt from the fan post which will serve as bulletin board material for Neuheisel for years to come:

The first day of fall camp on Tuesday felt like the premiere of a B movie. Beyond the coaches, Spaulding Field wasn’t a who’s who but a who’s that?
  Look at the front of the new Bruin media guide. It’s No. 93 and No. 86, or – let me dig up my numerical roster - Harwell and tight end Logan Paulsen.
  Harwell and Logan are both on preseason watch list for national awards at their respective positions. Harwell, the player Neuheisel (above) brought with him to last month’s Pac-10 media day, has emerged as an early “star” more on his personality than his recent performance. Harwell missed the final 11 games of last season because of a knee injury and received a medical hardship redshirt so that he could return for a fifth year.
  Outside of the football team, nobody knows who the Bruins are or how good – if at all – they will be.
  “There are a lot of question marks but we think we can win,” said senior center Micah Reed. “We’re hopefully going to surprise some people.”
  Like on Halloween, maybe.

Well it looks like finally some comments from Bruins are showing up in that sad, empty and unpopulated "blog" and they are not pretty. From Vision:

You are blogging about the Bruins but can’t recognize two proven commodities and senior leaders without referencing their numbers in the media guide? Those pesky helmets, eh…makes it so hard to see the guys.

Regarding your slamming the kicking game…talk to Florida State or Michigan about how important that can be. Or maybe recognize that sometimes special teams is where the young and unproven get their first taste of the game. At first I thought you didn’t know the Bruins, but perhaps you just don’t know football.

At least you are catching up to the LA Times in one department - unqualified and embarassing columnists reporting on a team they obviously do not appreciate, know or even respect. Kudos!


Wow…this is supposed to be the UCLA blog? Perhaps you should tone down the sarcasm, Marcia. People who follow the team know what’s going on. Clearly you are not one of those people. Not sure what your point is anyway, other than to make snarky comments about a team that has a very tough road ahead. You are borderline rude and certainly disrespectful. And where were you when Karl Dorrell was bringing the program to this point? Yeah. Thought so. Wake me up when you write something important.


Pretty lame article and blatantly baised given that you pick one defensive lineman’s # and a tight end’s #, the former who IS one of our best players, yet did not get much playing time last year due to injury, and our top tight end, who was not utilized in the vaunted Dorrellian offense last year (both reasons which may account for the lack of awareness of his jersey numbers).

Ask how many USC fans would know players who were injured or not utilized for much of last season by their numbers…

Or perhaps a better question why did you not ask who were #7 (Ben Olson) or #36 (Khalil Bell)? Oh yeah, because most people would know who they were…

BTW, ask how many peopl ever heard of Marcia C. Smith and I guarantee you’ll hear the crickets chirping…

and isodore:

Smith: UCLA? Who are these guys?

They are the team you are getting paid to cover. How about you do some research, and cut the snark, and maybe you will write something worth reading.

*note to the editors* Please remove this “writer” and replace her with someone willing to cover the team using facts, and not sloppy sarcasm.

You can add your 2 cents here (be nice and on point).

Again just to see the ineptness in the local traditional media. For folks who are connected via BN and other UCLA online communities, they find a way to get info. But what a disservice it is for others who are still depending on the traditional media to get their sports fix to be subjected to this kind of poorly written material.

We would also hope that Morgan Center itself would take notice of this type of "reporting" and make an earnest effort to get them to do their job in a professional and competent manner.