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A (Quarterback) Teacher's Dream?

So ryebreadaz posted this little tidbit from yesterday’s practice:

I was at the beginning of practice yesterday

and while the players were stretching on the turf field, the managers/ball boys were over on the grass field throwing the ball around and playing catch. Chow walked over there and actually started teaching one of the managers to hold the ball higher and worked with him on his release. He was teaching the manager to throw! The guy never stops teaching.

If Chow has this much fun teaching managers/ball boys imagine how much fun is he going to have when Richard Brehaut steps into Westwood. WWL’s high school scouts – Bill Conley and Billy Tucker – posted the following observations on Richard this week:

With a successful camp and combine circuit, Richard Brehaut (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif./ Los Osos) has seen his stock rise since we first evaluated him high in early spring. Yet we still think UCLA is getting the steal of this year's quarterback class and perhaps the West Coast version of Aaron Murray (Tampa, Fla./ Plant).

At 6-foot-1, Brehaut might not possess the prototypical size of top-five national quarterback, but his great mental intangibles like competitiveness, intelligence, toughness and moxie are difficult to measure on paper. Aside from his great leadership qualities and field presence, the No. 34-ranked national prospect is no slouch in the physical and skill department as a quarterback either. He has a live, accurate arm and gets rid of the ball quickly with good timing. Brehaut's ability to make plays with his legs and throw well on the run masks the coveted few inches he lacks at the position, in our opinion.

For a little visual evidence here are some highlights from this past season (warning: some of the lyric of tunes that are set to these highlights are Rated-R, but you can get the point even after hitting the mute button):


BTW how cool are Brehaut team’s – Los Osos – home uniforms.

Again … if Chow is having this much fun teaching ball boys/managers at Spaulding, I can’t imagine when he gets to work with someone with those kids of physical tools and athletic ability to play quarterback. After watching those highlights, one could reasonably conclude Chow is going to stick around for a little more than three years so that he can chance to develop and teach this kid. I can't wait.