Timmeh Wishes His TrOJans 'Could Be All Like Darren Collison'

Well well well.

Angelo Johnson is leaving the Trojan basketball team because Timmeh couldn't guarantee him a starting spot next season. Here was Timmeh's reaction:

Johnson's departure leaves Hackett and sophomore Donte Smith as the top point guard options. There's also freshman Romeo Miller and junior walk-on Ryan Wetherell, who don't really figure to get much playing time.

Floyd said he was disappointed in Johnson's decision. "In this age of instant gratification," Floyd said, "all these guys want to start, want to play. ... We wish they could all be like Darren Collison and wait a year for their turn."

Tim Floyd, the guy who brought OJ2 to college basketball is lecturing about "instant gratification"? I will leave others to insert the appropriate punch lines.

But the comment re. Collison is probably the first time ever I have heard this guy acknowledge the reality after never backtracking about his comment re. Arizona being the "measuring stick" in Pac-10:

Better late than never. I guess.


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