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The Power Of Relentless Optimism

And folks thought ... that was just some kind of shallow words ... from our prodigal son.

I really don't know where to start?

We have heard the snickering, lampooning, sneers ... from all over the college football world (both traditional media and the blogosphere) since CRN's arrival in Westwood. We have heard about his "baggage". We have heard the same one-sided recycle stories over and over and over gain.

Well ... now it just doesn't matter.

Our Bruins just sent an unmistakable message by blasting shockwaves around the college football world. No doubt as to one of the prime candidates for the player of tonight's game:


Photo by Harry How/Getty Images (via Yahoo Sports)

Kevin Craft puts on the best performance by a transfer QB in a UCLA uniform since John Barnes (coincidentally on WWL). And he pulled it off after throwing 4 picks in the first half, based on ... relentless optimism. If you care to go through it right now, here is the box score and the AP recap.

Tonight is just a start. We are experiencing the kind of high we haven't experienced since 13-9. We know there are tough times ahead. We are going to experience our share of adversity. It is going to happen.

But after what we have seen tonight ... nothing will matter. We are going to rock and roll through rest of this season and rest of CRN's career in Westwood.

Monopoly is a touchy word these days. There is no question right now which school rules this town when it comes to on field accomplishments since Cade's departure from Westwood. However, one thing is clear tonight ... the feelings of  optimism and good vibes around a football program ... no longer belongs to just one school in LA.

Yes ... there is a lot of football to discuss around this game. We have lots of analyzing to do over next few days.

For now as I am simply exhausted from emotion and delirium, I will leave you with what CRN told the WWL sideline reporter after the game:

"It's good to be back at UCLA baby!"

Just like Howland ... In Neu the Bruin Nation trusts.

Now thread it up ... in our first (of many) Rick Neuheisel victory thread.


UPDATE:  Couldn't agree more.  And here's an image for you out of towner's.  Go Bruins!  -M