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UCLA - BYU: Pregame Guesses Volume 2

It's time for the UCLA-BYU edition of Pregame Guesses.

For those who don't remember how we play -- check this link.

So, here are your Pregame Guesses for UCLA-BYU:

  1. Total takeaways for UCLA
  2. Total receptions by UCLA Freshman (including Redshirt Freshman)
  3. True or False -- UCLA will rush for more yards than BYU
Your responses in the comments should read something like this:

3, 6, T


4, 5, F

Put your answers in the subject line of your comment, not in the body of the comment, please.

drumfool, jaffra, jkup85, and SuperBruinMan were the only readers to score two out of three points last week. There is plenty of time to join the game even if you didn't play the Tennessee version. 

UPDATE: Entries for the contest are due no later than 12:00 noon PDT Saturday.