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PB Unleashed: BYU Open Thread

Here we go.

Let’s get this started. Bruins are on the road for the first time under Rick Neuheisel.

As we have discussed all week Bruins are going to be huge underdogs this afternoon going up against one of the best offenses in the nation on their home turf. We are going to need our young QB and the developing offense to show the same poise and maturity they showed in the second half in its first game, and they will need a memorable performance from these guys …

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ryan Gardner (via ESPN)

… DeWayne Walker’s defense.

The kickoff time is scheduled for 12:30 pm PST. Again, if need to get caught up on all of our notes concerning this game from last few weeks/months, you can do so by going here. Also you can click on the links below under "Related Item" for updated game stats and track the game via WWL, CBS Sportsline, and UCLA's official site.

So let's go ladies and gentleman. Let's fill up up the first road game thread of the Rick Neuheisel era with everything we got in our passion buckets.

Fire away.