What is Wrong w Our Underachieving Men's Soccer Team?

IIRC despite having one of the most talented teams in the country last year we had a very disappointing season. The year before (again IIRC) after having a medicore regular season we made a run during the tourney.

It looks like we are off to another horrible start this season not in par with the tradition of UCLA soccer:

No. 19 Indiana scored three goals in an eight-minute span in the second half to defeat 24th-ranked UCLA, 3-0, at UCLA's Marshall Field at Drake Stadium.

The two teams had been evenly matched prior to the goal-scoring flurry by the Hoosiers. But once Indiana got on the board at the 62:17 mark on a Kevin Noschang goal, the floodgates opened in a hurry. Just three and a half minutes later, Indiana got off a series of shots that eventually ended with a third-chance goal by freshman Will Bruin. UCLA goalkeeper Brian Perk had made a save on a shot by Andy Adlard, and Eric Alexander's shot off the rebound hit the post. But Bruin finally put one past the Bruins on Alexander's rebound to give Indiana a 2-0 lead at 65:42. The Hoosiers kept at it, scoring at 69:35 on an Alexander goal after a free kick.

UCLA had chances to strike first. In the 32nd minute, Bruin forward Maxwell Griffin beat the defense on the right side, but his shot hit the right post. In the 41st minute, freshman Fernando Monge flew in for a header that went just high. Monge had another good opportunity in the 54th minute after Eder Arreola sent in a cross, firing off a header that Indiana goalkeeper Chay Cain had to jump up to tip over the crossbar.

Cain finished with the one save on seven UCLA shots. Perk made four saves on 18 shots.

The Hoosiers improved to 2-1-2, while the Bruins dropped to 1-3-1, with all three non-wins coming against Top 20 teams

What the heck is going on?

Looks to me that we are seeing signs of a pattern of underachievement from Salcedo's program.

Any thoughts?


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