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Staying Positive: BYU Second Half Thread

All righty then.

Everyone needs to step back, relax and take a deep breath.

Things couldn't go worse in a game in which we were huge underdogs.

It's only the second game of the season. The season is not lost.

Just think back to Howland's first season ... and see if you can remember that game against St. Johns on National TV at MSG.

Also might not be a bad idea to look up all of our off season posts tagged with "dose of reality."

The only thing our players and all of us can do is to stick with it, stay positve, chip away, and stay positive:


Photo Credit: uclafan11

Hopefully the offense can finish this game with some decent drives. The defense ...  what else can we stay ... hopefully Walker will fire them up to go for broke, take some chances, and show lot more aggression in the second half.

The best thing we can do as a team is to set the tempo and build some momentum, heading into next Saturday.

Now time for the second half thread.