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Sticking Together While Dealing With Doses Of Reality

We all knew this kind of day was coming. We just didn’t have an idea how bad it was going to be:


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac (via WWL)

We talked about the doses of reality we were going to have to deal with this year during the off season with a team with two injured QBs, a ravaged OL and an inexperienced defense with new starters sprinkled all over its lineup.

Then the Tennessee game happened … in which the coaching staff managed to rally this team to a victory with total smoke and mirrors after losing its starting TB, TE and FL in first half of the game. While we were riding high for two weeks … we had a pretty good idea in what we were facing in BYU: one of the best coached team in the country. We have to give them props for putting together an incredible performance. Congrats to them. Here is the box score if anyone cares (for now).

 It’s not a surprise that we took one in the chin. Yes, the loss was lot worse than anyone of us could ever imagined. Yet … it just brought us back to the reality we have been bracing for all of f season.

With that said … the season is not lost.

This will be not be the last time we are going to take it in the chin either. There will be lot more tough moments rest of this season.

Now The question for everyone:  Are we going to stick together just like we did during many dispiriting moments during first two years of Howland in Westwood?

I feel good about that answer from all the community members here in BN. Better days are ahead of us However, if there is any bandwagoner out there who want to get off it … go for it … but don’t bother coming back.

We will have more on the game tomorrow before we quickly shift our focus on the next opponent early next week.

we still have a long way to go.We have three straight games at home. No matter what we are going to stick together and stay with this team.

For now the thread is all yours.